Now Creatives is a UK based company which provides video editing and other production services to content creators on YouTube, and creates its own YouTube channels. We have 6+ billion views on the videos we’ve edited for YouTube creators in the past 3 years.


We are looking to hire a talented and experienced 2D Illustrator/Animator for our MrSpherical or SolarBalls YouTube channel. As some background on the origin of “Countryballs” – check out this Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polandball

We animate and have rigs in Moho, this is the software you’ll use.

This role can be full-time, or part-time. Flexible to your availability.

As mentioned, our channels are created to educate. We’ll help people learn about cognitive biases, critical thinking, etc. Check out some of our videos to see examples:

Intermediate skills in Moho
Ability to do your own 2D Illustrated backgrounds

A good eye for visual composition, color schemes and overall aesthetics.

Conceptualize potential visuals, movements and camera work based on dialogue and script opportunities.
Create your own illustrated backgrounds
Animate our CountryBall character rigs in Moho
Ensure final visuals (facial expressions, movement etc.) and camera movements are visually appealing and on-brand.

Someone with a familiarity with the YouTube platform, creator community, etc.
Someone with an interest in history and making entertainment that educates on topics like critical thinking
Someone who loves the YouTube platform, or who wishes to make their own channel

Channel Vision
We will continue to educate, and expand from 2 videos a week, to 3 videos a week with your help.
Job Benefits & Security

The finances of this MrSpherical and SolarBalls are 100% funded by Now Creatives, our agency. Additionally, both channels have grown to the point where they are almost self-sustaining and will be profitable in a few months.

This is a 150hrs/month, freelance, full-time, permanent role. Consistent work, with a consistent salary.

Channel backed by a company well-experienced with YouTube content creation, tactics, etc.

Remote work within a small, fun team.

Flexible working schedule – work whenever (we have some team members who enjoy working alone at night)

Exposure to interesting and challenging content (grow skills fast)

Opportunity for career growth

Apply Here

To apply, please send your application by filling out this form.
If successful, you will do a short illustration/animation test using our rigs.
A selection of such candidates will do interview.
Job offer provided, or not.