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POSITION FILLED -- Now Creatives is a UK based company which provides video editing and other production services to content creators on YouTube, and creates its own YouTube channels. We have 7+ billion views on the videos we've edited for YouTube creators in the past 3 years.

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    Are you interested in a research and scriptwriting job that both entertains and educates?

    If so, we are looking for a researcher and assistant script-writer for a new video essay channel we’re launching. Our channel will be similar to Jake Tran or Moon, two creators you may heard of. We’ll be focusing on teaching people critical thinking, media literacy, and psychology skills – helping them better themselves.

    The position will be paid $12-15/hr (although as fixed-rates) depending upon skills and speed.

    Scripts will be 10-15 minutes in speaking length long. We’ll aim for 2 such scripts per week, and 1 Short script (1-minute speaking time).

    We already have two channels that educate about similar things, and critical thinking. Called OtherWorldly and MrSpherical.


  • With that in mind, the criteria for the role is as follows:


    • Experience doing internet research, preferably history
    • Experience with script editing/basic structure


    • Background working on the YouTube platform


    • Research a specific topic provided
    • Create a script collecting the information into a narrative flow, relating to the specific topic provided
    • From there, a creative writer type script editor will add the tone/voice to the content. Make it humorous, etc. OR you complete the script yourself


    • Someone with a familiarity with the YouTube platform, creator community, etc.
    • The ideal applicant has an interest in psychology/influence, some history
    • Someone who loves the YouTube platform, or who wishes to make their own channel


  • This is the 3rd YouTube channel out of 20+ that we’ll launch in the next 5 years. The goal by 2025 is 300M views/month across 20+ channels, with each channel dedicated to the vision of helping people develop their critical thinking and self-awareness skills – and ultimately, build such skills social norms.

    • Job Security: The finances of the video essay channel are 100% funded by Now Creatives, our agency. We have funds to pay all expenses for this channel, for 6 months, without the channel earning anything. Allowing us the freedom to experiment and grow the channel without concern for earning
    • Consistent work, with a consistent payment. Depending on how involved you become in the channel, you may be able to earn a % of Ad Revenue for each video.
    • Channel backed by a company well-experienced with YouTube content creation, tactics, etc.
    • Learn about YouTube content creation in depth
    • Remote work within a small, fun team
    • Fantastic portfolio content, particularly if the channel grows fast

    • Apply on this Google form (including the brief test):
    • If accepted, there’ll be a personality test and additional questions
    • If that is successful, there will be a scriptwriting test (paid)
    • Submit by EOD 20th February
    • A selection of such candidates will do an interview with myself, the founder, Oliver
    • 1 researcher/script writer will be offered the position

We look forward to working with you soon!

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