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We are a company that builds YouTube channels that entertain and educate 10’s of millions of people.

Our goal is to build 20+ new educational channels between now and 2025, generating 300M+ views per month on educational content. If you share our passion and want to join our team, explore the job opportunities below, and apply if interested.

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Our Guiding Principles/Values
In order to stay cohesive and consistent as a team, we have established our guiding principles which will lead to greater teamwork, progress, and ultimately self-fulfillment. The closer aligned we are, the better we will be. These are also aspirational – no single person can always meet these, but we’ll strive to align with them as often as possible:

We get joy and fulfillment from creating the best content we can for our viewers. We realise that at a fundamental level, any education we wish to provide at scale, or growth we wish to achieve – comes from viewers repeatedly loving our content.

We share & receive straightforward feedback to one another with the intention of helping people’s long term development, despite it sometimes being uncomfortable.

In a stimulated world with distractions, it is easy to make things complex. Instead, we focus on the fundamentals and principles when making decisions (e.g. viewer psychology, combined with algorithm knowledge), allowing us to simplify things down with more clarity, and more certainty.

We care about helping each other. We want meaningful & fulfilling relationships with the people we share our time with, and this can only happen with genuine mutual consideration.

When analysing mistakes – we understand their root causes and ensure the lessons we learn are implemented into principles and systems of operating for the future. This includes developing a deeper understanding of oneself

We are a growing company, within an ever-changing world, so we realise that personal and professional growth are essential to adapt in the best possible way.

Because the Creator Economy is rapidly evolving, we realise that by focusing on the short term, we could get ourselves wiped out. That’s why we build the short term plan from our map of the long term plan – and are happy to be inefficient in the short term to succeed better in the long run.

We realise that every expense, investment made, and resource used, is paid for by our viewers in some form.

Work Remotely

If you will be hired for one of our roles, you will be working remotely forever.

Diverse and Fun Team

Work with other fun, talented creative people

Driven with purpose

Be a part of the largest educational mission on YouTube

Continuous Scaling and Earning Potential

With our goal to build more channels, there is also more earning potential for you.

Full-Time or Part-Time Careers

We offer full-time or part-time opportunities depending on your availability.

Flexible Work Hours

We hire all over the world and cater to different time zones



“I just felt like I watched a movie! Congrats to you and your team! The editing itself was amazing and so was the video quality. It was so well planned and uploaded its amazing! Wow!”

“😢 I hope there’s a teacher somewhere using these videos. In fact, I’ll use them for home school. My kid is only 7, but these videos are done in such a way that I believe that they will get the point accross to someone that young.”

Roles Available


Chief of Staff

Creative Producer/Channel Director

Moho Animator (2D)

Creative Talent Sourcer/Head Hunter – For YouTube Channels

Content Manager

Video Editor

Script Writer

Video Editor for Challenge Videos

YouTube Thumbnail Designer

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