What kind of content do you edit?
We have skilled editors in a number of genres including Lifestyle Vlogs, Sit-Down Videos, Reaction Videos, Action Videos, Gaming, Corporate Videos and Educational Content. If you can record it, chances are, we can edit it. Just ask us!
How would a dedicated team be useful?
The unique value that a team set-up can add to your business, can be summarized as: a reliable editing service for your YouTube content that will deliver on the agreed schedule, scale with your content and will ensure that you never have to worry about being your own backup editor again.
What does your service help solve?

Simply put, we give you more time to create quality YouTube content, and post content consistently, so that you can truly invest in your YouTube channel. We do this by finding and assigning your very own dedicated team, which really takes the team management off your shoulders so you have the time and space to focus on growth!

How do I send you my footage?

We use Google Drive or Frame.io for the transfer of footage. If your internet speed is very slow (under 10mbps uploading), it is also possible to compress the files without quality loss before sending them, which will save considerable time. We can explain the process if you need that – just get in touch.

What is your turnaround time?

Typically we provide a 48hr*- 96hr turnaround (weekdays) for clients. It all depends upon the client’s requirements and what is agreed, although, the shorter the turnaround required, the higher the price.

*Currently only offered to clients in one of our exclusive programs. Ask us about it!

How do we communicate during editing?
The main way we communicate with most of our clients is WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter DMs, or Discord. We choose to stick with fast-messaging applications and recommend avoiding email since the communication speed with e-mail is usually slow.
What’s the limit on raw footage length?
There is no limit to the raw footage length you can send us! That being said, our prices do take raw footage length into account so we’ll work together to find a level you’re comfortable with.
What’s the limit on finished video length?
There is no limit on the finished video length that we edit for you! You can let us know your preferred length. If you’d like a little guidance here, we can give you some advice based on our experience, about the length that seems to promote more views in your specific niche.
What editing software do you use?
All editors use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects as their primary software but we also have team members skilled in other software, such as Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas, if this is required for a specific project.
Can you add music to my videos?

YES! Our primary library is Epidemic Sounds. We have a corporate subscription with them, allowing us to license any client channel without the client paying an additional fee.

Can you resize my video for my other social media accounts?
Absolutely! We can provide this and other services including: Thumbnails for YouTube, Instagram Trailers, Tik Tok Videos, Intros and Outros for your channel, and many more. Just ask us!
How many rounds of edits can I request per video?
There is no limit. With that said, more revisions will mean that more of your time is used up. Our aim is to minimise the time you dedicate to editing. Through our process, we’ve found that a second revision is rarely required. Our content managers review each and every version, ensuring the notes left by the client are correctly implemented by the editors. Which is another way of saving every minute of time we can for the creators we work with.
How do I know my raw content will be safe?
We, Now Creatives, will sign an NDA with you/your company. This will ensure that legal agreements are set in place to keep your raw content extra safe. Even without the NDAs, we take the security of your content very seriously. We implement processes throughout the company to reduce the potential risk to a minimum. Editors, Content Managers, Managers, and team members sign NDAs with Now Creatives, so at all stages in the process, confidentiality is ensured through legal agreements.
What are your rates?

If you’re just looking for a rough figure, it would be $200-$450 USD per video, HOWEVER, your custom pricing will depend on a few factors.

We’ll give you a fixed price which can either be:
• An hourly rate based on your content and level of skill required
• A price per individual video (can be done as a set fee for every video of a given format, or by raw footage time).

Prices reflect the turnaround time, quantity of work, technical expertise required, and a few other factors which can be explained specifically for your content on a call.

Do I need to sign an agreement?
Not until after we’ve done a sample video for you and we agree to partner together. From there, we’ll sign an agreement, but nothing that locks you in. Clients can terminate it at any time with no cost.

We always sign an NDA and VEA (Video Editing Agreement) with clients to ensure that they feel comfortable sharing their raw material. The VEA covers aspects such as the Compensation Agreement, the clear owner of the edited materials (you), and a few other points.

Do I need to use your company for every video?
Not at all, you can choose to work with us for some videos, and not for others. However, it is worth noting that the more consistent the schedule and the more frequent the videos – the better the price.
Where are you located?
We are based in the United Kingdom and have multiple team members located across the world (primarily Europe) to cater to different turnaround times and languages.
What are your working hours?
While we try to keep a relatively standard working schedule, we will work outside of the normal schedule if and when it is needed. All team members join our company knowing the creator workflow requirements and are dedicated to finalising the videos on time, whether within or outside standard working hours. This is the creator community, after-all!