We’re Creators!

We have 2 animation channels of our own (built by our agency team). MrSpherical and SolarBalls. Each is focused on teaching critical thinking and epistemic skills in entertainment.


1.19M Subscribers

MrSpherical is our fun CountryBalls channel! The aim of the channel is to help people become aware of important geopolitical topics, critically think about the world more, and learn about their cognitive biases


552K Subscribers

SolarBalls is a Planetballs/Spaceballs channel where you’ll get to meet the planets of our Solar System, who are NOT what you are expecting. You’ll be having so much fun with their personalities, it’ll be too late when you notice you’re learning all sorts of interesting things.


We are creators ourselves

In 2012, I began creating gaming YouTube videos while studying. 3 years later, in 2015, with over 200 videos created – I reached 10,000 subscribers!

Through this journey of being a creator, I developed a solid grasp of YouTube content creation, which led me to begin consulting other YouTube creators, reviewing their videos, and sharing tips.

Where it led:

Due to this experience, in 2018 I saw an opportunity to help creators free up time to work on new opportunities. How? Help them with their production! Now Creatives was founded, and to this day, we help famous creators and businesses with their YouTube production.

Since 2020, we have also begun creating our own YouTube channels. MrSpherical and OtherWorldly History to name two. These have over 1 million combined subscribers in under 2 years. Due to the experience of our Now Creatives team, we are going to build another 20 channels in the next 5 years.

If you want to work with creators on your channel – who deeply understand YouTube, then Now Creatives is likely a great fit for your business!


Oliver Gilpin
Founder of Now Creatives