2D Digital Animator Role – Storytime Channel

Now Creatives is a UK based company which provides video editing and other production services to content creators on YouTube, and creates its own YouTube channels. We have 6+ billion views on the videos we’ve edited for YouTube creators in the past 3 years.


Are you a digital animator who is interested in telling stories from a new perspective that will help young people?

If so – we are looking to hire talented and experienced 2D Animators for our New Animated YouTube Channel. This channel will seek to mark a new trend in animated storytimes videos, focusing in young’s psychology and trying to enhance their confidence and build healthy relationships. All this while doing attractive and interesting 2D animations and working with a team of talented and passionate artists.

We animate and have rigs in Moho, this is the software you’ll use ????

This role is for a full-time job, with very flexible times to your availability, since it will be a job by production objectives. You will be part of a team, which means that you will be able to share your work with talented artists to achieve a high-quality final result!  Payment is a fixed price of $600/month and a plus of $100 per delivered video.

As mentioned, our channel is focused on help young people and especially teens, why? Because being young is difficult, particularly relating to one’s psychology, confidence and relationships.


With that in mind, the criteria for the role is as follows:


Intermediate skills in Moho
Knowledge of the basic principles of animation and character acting


A good eye for visual composition, color schemes and overall aesthetics.
Good handling of timing for composition and editing.


Interpret storyboards and perform scene composition with provided backgrounds.
Animate characters understanding the intended acting, with strong poses, good silhouette reading and lipsync.
Perform camera movements in prepared environments with depth of field.
Make the final composition of the scene and export in video.


Someone with an interest in young’s people psychologi and making entertainment that educates on topics like critical thinking
Someone who loves the YouTube platform, or who wishes to make their own channel

Channel Vision
Do so at the scale of reaching 10s of millions of teenage teens each month, across the world, with content in various languages.
Job Benefits & Security
Job Security: The financing of this channel is guaranteed for at least six months, with good prospects of achieving self-sufficiency for the channel in a few months.
This is a 150hrs/month, freelance, full-time, permanent role.
Consistent work, with a consistent salary. Paid a fixed price of $600/month with a bonus of $100 per delivered video.
Channel backed by a company well-experienced with YouTube content creation, tactics, etc.
Remote work within a small, fun team.
Flexible working schedule – work whenever (we have some team members who enjoy working alone at night)
Exposure to interesting and challenging content (grow skills fast)
Opportunity for career growth
Steps After Applying
Answer the questions on the Google doc
If successful, you will do a short animation test using our rigs
A selection of such candidates will do an interview with Matt, the leader of this new channel channel
Job offer provided, or not
Deadline: March 1st

Thank you!


CEO of Now Creatives