Co-Creator – OtherWorldly – OPEN

Now Creatives is a UK based company which provides video editing and other production services to content creators on YouTube, and creates its own YouTube channels. We have 7+ billion views on the videos we’ve edited for YouTube creators in the past 3 years.

Are you an experienced YouTube creator interested in educating people about critical thinking and media literacy skills through history?

If so – this job may be perfect. We are currently hiring someone to lead our channel, OtherWorldly History (3.5k subscribers on YouTube, and 10k on TikTok). In which alien characters/mascots teach people history.

You’ll receive a full-time salary, but also a % in the earnings of the channel, as a co-creator of the channel. You get financial stability, and upside in the channel’s growth! We already have a YouTube channel that went from 0 to 250k subs in 5 months, called MrSpherical. The co-creators here earn $500+ per month from the Adsense %.

You’ll be in charge of a team that has illustration, animation, and video editing skills. Your job is to lead. To set a vision and do content strategy – to ensure we grow the channel as planned.

Why are we hiring?

I, Oliver, the CEO have been handling channel strategy until now. However, I think someone else would do a better job (as seen by the results!). Therefore I am wanting to hand this role over to someone else who can nail it.

With that in mind, the criteria for the role is as follows:


A genuine interest in being a YouTuber yourself
A deep understanding of what makes good YouTube content. You can “taste test” the result of the content well
Ability to lead a small team of people
An interest in history

An understanding of YouTube analytics
Experience with content strategy

Lead the vision and content strategy of the channel, toward fast growth
Refine title and thumbnails before creating the video, to ensure it is very click-enticing (essential responsibility)
Manage the YouTube channel
Lead the team toward produced videos of high quality, that viewers love
Be a good motivator of people, and leader of a team
Read YouTube analytics, and tweak the content strategy according to results

Channel Vision
We plan to grow via YouTube Shorts, and then pivot into longer-form content once this has been successfully done. Longer-form content will allow for deeper education, and, importantly – to earn well from the content.
Job Benefits & Security
Job Security: The finances of this OtherWorldly channel are 100% funded by Now Creatives, our agency. We have funds to pay all expenses for this channel, for 6 months, without the channel earning anything. Allowing us the freedom to experiment and grow without concern for earning
This is a 150hrs/month, freelance, full-time, permanent role. Part-time is also possible
Consistent work, with a consistent salary. If full-time, then starting with a salary of $1400 to $1600 per month depending on how well you can project manage the channel. Additionally, you can earn 7.5%+ of Adsense revenue of the channel, and also a % of sponsorship revenue. As a consequence, you can earn at least $500 per month extra, on top of the salary.
Channel backed by a company well-experienced with YouTube content creation, tactics, etc.
Remote work within a small, fun team
Flexible working schedule – work whenever (we have some team members who enjoy working alone at night!)
Exposure to interesting and challenging content (grow skills fast)
Opportunity for career growth
Steps After Applying

Answer the questions on the
Google form
linked below (deadline 20th February)
If successful, you will be sent a question about OtherWorldly – we’d like you to show your vision for improving it. Additionally, a personality test
A selection of such candidates will do an interview with the MrSpherical co-creator. Then myself, the founder, Oliver
1 individual will be offered the job