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Now Creatives is a UK-based company that provides video editing and other production services to content creators on YouTube, and creates its own YouTube channels. We have 6+ billion views on the videos we’ve edited for YouTube creators in the past 3 years. If you love YouTube… check this role out!

Job Description

Hello talented people! We are on the lookout for our next amazing Script Writer for our MrSpherical channel – an animation channel showcasing geopolitical and historical events in a fun, entertaining, and visually stimulating format. We aim to help make education more broadly appealing – alongside teaching about power, media literacy, and critical thinking. We are guided by our company mission of educating and empowering people across the world.

Basically, if you like:
• Making impactful content that is also entertaining
• Seeing your words brought to life in videos seen by millions of people
• Bringing education and entertainment together to make the world a better place
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As a YouTube Script Writer, we are looking for someone who:
• Has experience writing scripts for video contents such as YouTube videos, preferably for videos in animation format
• Can research and learn the differences of YouTube animation pacing, script style/format and adapt accordingly
• Can research and understand geopolitical and historical concepts, then digest and explain them in accurate, fun, and entertaining format.
• Is results oriented. Someone who writes for a purpose.
• Is an excellent communicator. Someone who knows what to ask to achieve great results

Day to Day Responsibilities:
• Produce YouTube scripts (8-15 minutes long in video length), preferably 4 times a month
• Work together with the creative team to research and come up with great video script ideas
• Continuously find ways to improve and innovate video scripts based on feedback from the team and the audience
• Make sure that written scripts are following the law (e.g., copyright)
• Conduct YouTube channel and video research to identify similar videos and use it as reference to plan and improve next created content.

Company Vision

To know more about our company’s vision, you may click here.

Job Benefits

This is a 150hrs/month, freelance, full-time, permanent role. Consistent work, with a consistent salary.

  • Channel backed by a company well-experienced with YouTube content creation, tactics, etc.
  • Remote work within a small, fun team.
  • Flexible working schedule – work whenever (we have some team members who enjoy working alone at night)
  • Exposure to interesting and challenging content (grow skills fast)
  • Opportunity for career growth
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