Creative Talent Sourcer/Head Hunter – For YouTube Channels

Now Creatives is a UK-based company that provides video editing and other production services to content creators on YouTube, and creates its own YouTube channels. We have 6+ billion views on the videos we’ve edited for YouTube creators in the past 3 years. If you love YouTube… check this role out!


Do you enjoy doing internet research with your own creative strategy? If so…

We are looking for a head hunter/talent sourcer to help me, the CEO, hire teams for YouTube channels we are launching continuously (4+ channels per year, 3-4 people each channel). We need someone who can do the recruitment and talent sourcing strategy.

Note – you do not need previous talent sourcing experience for this role. The best candidate will be great at internet research, thinking creatively, and having a good sense of the YouTube creator community.

Our mission with these channels is to create entertainment that has critical thinking education within. By doing so, we can help viewers expand their perspective while being entertained. A channel we launched recently went from 100 to 60,000 subscribers in October serves as a good example (MrSpherical).

Day-to-Day Role
Roles we’ll focus on sourcing over the next year:
– Illustrator/Animators
– Script Writers
– Voiceover Artists
– Video Editors
– Project Managers
– Finding specific consultants
– Finding influencers to sponsor
– etc.

More details:
– We are looking for an internet researcher who likes to think strategically, and creatively, about how to find talent. Someone who is resourceful, and can think outside the box
– Someone who can manage an assistant talent sourcer to do the manual work, to execute your strategy
– Managing timelines, pipelines, and effectively delegating are necessary

Example workflow:

Recently, we hired two animators by searching for YouTubers with YouTube channels with up to 120k subscribers. The workflow for such a role looks as such:
Define criteria for the role, job description, etc. (with help from myself)
Define criteria for what keywords would be in the description of the YouTube channel, what category they’d be in, etc. Using Channelcrawler YouTube tool (with help from myself)
Have an assistant talent sourcer do the search, and reach out to applicants
From those who respond, do filtering to find suitable applicants!
Other sourcing methods include: subreddits and Discord (both successful recently for us). Or potentially Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or similar.

We will be hiring 2-5 positions each month. Pure commission at $250-1000 USD per role (depending on the role’s difficulty for sourcing + value to company). Alternatively, a small monthly salary is possible alongside (a smaller) commission. We can discuss this in the interview – but pay can become significant if you can quickly fill roles.

Company Vision

If you’re interested to learn more about our critical thinking education mission – check out this Notion page:

Job Benefits & Security
Job Security: The finances are backed by Now Creatives, our agency
Relatively consistent number of hours per month, since we’re continuously hiring
If you see the issues in the world surrounding people’s critical thinking, you can be a part in solving it, instead of feeling helpless
Remote work within a small, fun team
Fantastic portfolio content & career growth
Apply Here

To apply, please send your application by filling out this form.
A selection of candidates will be reached out to, if successfully shortlisted.
A selection of such candidates will do a 1-hour test, answering some questions about their approach to talent sourcing
A selection of such candidates will do an interview with myself, the founder, Oliver
1-2 talent sourcers will be offered the position. 1 main talent sourcer, and (potentially) a second to help head-hunt via alternative channels